Wraithbone, the solidified substance of the immaterium, psy-reactive psycho-plastic conductive crystalized psychic energy existing in realspace, brought from the Warp, and shaped by concentration of a Bonesinger’s thought and intention, strung along strands similar to the Seer and the Artisan, called the Path of Shaping, and the Bonesinger’s Path has drawn me here … but the CraftPlanet shaped me.

Called the Artful planet by the Exodites, I could feel her power like I had the Earth’s … how many years now, a psychic shielded and self-healing crystal, with self-contained biosystems and breathable atmosphere like that of the Craftworld that had once breathed alone, and now they breathed together like some Tantric lover, her sphere penetrated by it’s obelisk.

Exodites, Rangers lol, those who left this Craftworld seldom took to the stars, rather they felt a kindred bond with the planet, and they’re only referred to as Rangers rather than Outcast, as they are best at home in the forests, the Path of the Outcast taking them deeper, not further away, as they wander often hunting the odd and eery psychedelic plants the Rangers here have been known even by the Dark Eldar for finding. Thus Rangers, Dark Eldar, and pirates alike find themselves playing out the lore of the world in stories enhanced by the dream plants of the Artful planet. Often Alaitoc Rangers visit the CraftPlanet for sport and thus the local Rangers glean many skills from them.

But perhaps it is the Bonesingers who know best the lore of the CraftPlanet for they were the ones first to lay healing hands upon her, and although there are Exodites in the truer sense who prefer to live outside the actual Craftworld, some flying the clouds upon dragons out of human mytho-history, some delving the crystal caves to her heart, many our the Guardians who live between the two that are one, with armor and weapons readied to defend their homes and kin.

When I came, I had not yet become kin, only kindred. And that is what they call us still, the humans that have been sung here … kindred. There exists a favorable relationship in this Pacific Sector, between those of the Artful Planet and, certain members of the Inquisition elite such as myself, and always it is the same relationship, a keening call from the crystal core, her heart a symbol of unity here. Yellow and black, the Sun and Moon, but some say they are simply two suns, one visible the other hidden. And yet few it is amongst the Inquisition who’ve drank a ladel of the the waters of the Well of Healing, the deep waters of the planet infused with the vital energy by the marriage of crystal core and Wraithbone psychic-force, a Well fed as the planet is shrouded, by the clouds of phsychic energy storms.

There is concern the leisure lifestyle on the CraftPlanet may lead to it’s military might weakening and/or worse a fallings of the perceived pleasure planet into avarice, however what is known clearly to the Exodite and Spirit Seers is that as the planet and Craftworld merge, entwine, and the craftworld is made fully functional again, it will become a void traveling planet, leaving the Eye of Terror completely for a more permanent rest in the Pacific Segmentum, for now just as she exists as the union of Craftworld and planet, she exists in two states at once, a mystery even to those who’ve glimpsed the insane reaches of Commorragh.

Speaking of the Dark Eldar, those of the Artful Planet have just such a sporting relationship with Saim-Hann, and the their jetbike riders are fond of sporting with Those Of The Art as we (may I take the liberty here) are called, although those of Saim-Hann are notorious risk takers and considered “unruly” by the more true Exodites considering the planet surface home, being literally on alert constantly within the Eye of Terror actually the Eldar of this craftplanet are more thankful and grateful for any respite from hard work and warfare.

Those Of The Art are knonw for hope in the face of battle and misery, the seed for the Seed of Hope can be found beginning with the nature of the planet, which sustained them after the collision with her bountiful food until contact with other Craftworlds (and eventually other Exodites) opened up trade and resources, which attracts pirates, rogues, Dark Eldar and even the Harlequin to this day.

It is rumored that amongst the diversity of the CraftPlanet’s inhabitants, and among it’s various hidden places, many solitaire reside. Often called the Laughing Planet for the respite it offers and the fabulous dances of the Harlequin Mask of the Hidden Treasure – Sarva-Guhyatamam in my language, the interplay of mirage and oasis the swampy wastes are known for, weave together like the stories of the Shadowseers … whom it is said favor the company of Rangers and their sacred plants; so the story of Ve’r and Kin’dar’esh, “The Love of the Ranger and His Shadow” is told around fires at night when the young couples (of course Eldar are young even after hundreds of years) sit around playing instruments and singing. Knowing your drugs and songs for someone whose life is an act, discerning what is mundane play from sacred isn’t a curiosity, considering as I do, that Vect and Eldrad are possibly two of the greatest Troupe Masters ever, cleverly pulling the strings of their civilizations … but then that’s the drugs, the fire, and the song talking.

But it was the keening in my psychic mind of the runes of the Artful Planet that drove me, relentlessly at times, to find her. Having found her, I’ve listened close to the Exodites in their caves, the Rangers in their forests, the Bonesingers in their meditations, and the Harlequin at their dance, this is what I gleaned: within the rune is also found the symbol of unity, that of a shared story, this rune is divided to show both a division between the planet and the Craftworld, the Exodites and other Eldar, also the dawn and dusk of this twilight world caught between terror and peace; the arcs of mastery are also symbols of the splitting open of the seed and blossoming of hope, a hope hinted at by the Harlequin (the Harlequin that dance the Artful stories have a darkened-in symbol of unity veiling what they know), yet contained within this seed of hope is the Sygil of the Serpent, a reminder of the serpent power and the cycle of birth and death, profoundly demonstrated by the nature of the planet, the event of the crash, and return to realspace of the Craftworld itself; yet how the serpent links the upper and lower triangles, connects them as they form the symbol of unity, the lower triangle surrounded by a sphere in some depictions, hold further clues; the colors of the Craftworld are that of Wraithbone itself, often blending well with the actual bare Wraithbone of their armor and weapons, and the Wraith constructs such as Wraith Knights are thus unpainted; the world-rune also contains a hint at the original world-rune, that of a white and black sun combined, references of this black and white duality may be found embelishing the armies of the craftplanet, as well as red or bluish-purple flourishes symbolizing the spiritual power of dusk and dawn, as well as saffron colors of robes similar to the ancient (and not so ancient) sadhus of human mytho-history; fertility vs. perversion of the two Masks, and their balance but also how these sustain life, a weaving play of the local Harlequin, and this is after all relatively a minor Craftworld (10 to 100 times smaller than most Craftworlds) and once lost after the Fall of the Eldar; either rune choice, the name has remained the same, the Exodites of this world actually refer to themselves as the Shesha’nagai or Adi-Shesa (first-people; the first of the elders of the Eldar who first stepped foot on the planet’s surface after the crash of their void-ship), these ancestors first delved beneath the planet into the underworld and installed the world crystal known as the Ma’durg.

Drawn to Ma’durg, the Dark Eldar have been known to sport on the planet in pricariously dangerous ways, bringing with them dangerous xenos species many of whom could irreversibly endanger not only the nature but all life of the craftplanet to include genestealers and Orks, but warpstorms and demonic incursion are the greatest threat, still the Exodites toil terraforming the damaged ecosystem, and many there are now, the Garden Born, children of the elders born on the surface, called the Lilaethanai (children of the Maiden or Maiden World), they generally spend much time on the Path of Dreaming, their local drug culture is rampant and fueled by visits of Dark Eldar pirates and some the notorious Eldar Ranger known only as Bandhu, such as the notorious Ranger pirate Wildlaser (whom some think is a rogue Wraith Seer or other psyker). It is actually true that Space Wolves accompanied by Inquisitors have been invited and hunted together on the planet, but just as likely Space Wolves have been brought to the Craftplanet for sport … it happens.

The Artful planet simply doesn’t fit categorization as either a Craftworld or Maiden World nor is it a Crone World so it is often overlooked by encyclopedias and/or glossaries, some settlements of humans may have occurred … however the whereabouts of these are definitely guarded against the Dark Eldar pirates. The planet, called Sarva and also colloquially called Sharva and thus Shar’va by the T’au, is visited by many pirates lol (NOTE: the T’au embrace the purports hidden within the World Rune, such as those which reference human mytho-histories the I’Ching, Yin Yang and Tao).

Probably one of the most notorious of the pirates and rogues that have visited, allowing me some introduction, of course is the Inquisitor, Zohar’el (aka Chaos Lord Zoharion), I’m known to frequent the Craftplanet and generally to keep company with the Harlequin (and rumored to be an Illuminati lol), the Exodites, especially those who dwell in the jungles call me Kapishrestha (foremost among the Monkei – monkeys) and the Harlequin call me Chiranjivi (immortal), the Dark Eldar pirates I consort with call me Chill’um, possibly a play on the epiphet Chiranjivi I do not know, but all who know me are fond of my Lho-leaf strain named Zoharion, this is the only public connection between Zohar’el and Zoharion I’m aware of (note that on the agri-world of Dreah this strain is called Zoharion, and also just Zo), thus me, and my lead, are circulated by pleasure cults, including but not limited to, The Rainbow Family. My abode along the ocean, in the Forest of White, is often where I may be found, when other work hasn’t dragged me kicking and screaming from the CraftPlanet, is where I can be found performing rituals with my, um, dancing friend – Li-a-Leth, I call this particular home Hammer House. Most evenings with a fire gleaming in the hearth, I invite a game of Regicide with friends who drop in, and perhaps you’ll find your way to the Hammer House as well and smoke some Zoharion, or … just Zo.

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